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What Does Shared Web Hosting Denote?

You own a web page and are sick and tired of searching for free website hosting services, but do not have enough finances to afford anything that's more expensive? We know how you feel. The answer to your problem, though, is extremely easy! You clearly need a web hosting service.

What is Web Hosting?

What is web hosting? You share your hosting data with someone? This is first thought when one initially sees the phrase, but no. Your hosting content is completely secure in an autonomous website hosting account, it's just that your user account is on a web hosting server where other users are hosted as well. This allows your web hosting packages provider to offer you a cheaper price without actually reducing the quality of the web hosting service, as each user account can avail of a certain quantity of resources on the shared hosting server.

Choosing Your Web Host

When searching for a web hosting solution, however, you should not look only at the price. Determine whether your would-be hosting packages provider offers regular backups, access to a hosting CP graphical user interface and details about the data center facilities. A 24-7 technical support service is available? Test the reaction times if there is a live chat or a telephone support service, check how your inquiries are being answered, and you will be able to ascertain whether they are pros or if they just want to gain cash quickly and easily. The presence of a round-the-clock tech support service is very important, because it suggests that there is always someone keeping track of all the services and that if a problem happens, it will be rapidly resolved.

Don't Be Sluggish!

This seems like an awful lot of work? Don't be indolent! Even if you are searching for a more affordable hosting solution, that does not imply that it has to be of poor quality. We, at have datacenters on 3 continents! In England, Australia and the USA - with in-depth descriptions of the datacenter facilities on our web site and with images of both the exterior and interior of the data center facilities. Our live chat support department was also extremely supportive and polite, replying to my enquiries without any procrastination and invariably in a coherent manner. We provide 24-7 tech support via our helpdesk system incorporated into the hosting Control Panel GUI.

We also offer give much more with our web hosting solutions - a cheap domain name registration, both monthly and annual payment options, a free-of-charge PHP-based script installation tool, a free online site builder and e-mail services. Administering your files, databases, domains and mail addresses is much easier than with any other hosting Control Panel GUI.